water2buy Polska

water2buy Polska

We know water treatment!

Connecting with consumers.

We have been connecting consumers with quality water products since 2002. It's no wonder that Water2buy has led the industry in providing a 7-year guarantee on each and every water softener. Here's why:

Micro to master

Water2buy started with a dispatch in Galway, Ireland, shipping just a few boxes per week. 10 years later, we serve 1000’s customers with quality products all over Europe. Using our dispatch centres in The United Kingdom, Lithuania and Poland our reach has grown to supply London to Lisbon, Vilnius to Vienna and every where in between.

Direct to you

Our products are delivered directly to you. Others take a longer route through plumbers, middlemen and, finally, a hardware shop. By the time they reach the recipient, their cost has been multiplied.

Service with a smile

Water2buy employees have one job: to make sure you send or are sent the highest quality products. That's why when people order from Water2buy, they continue to come back. Never hesitate to call us if you have a problem.

Water2buy Quality, value, service.