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water2buy Polska

We won't be beaten on price

We love you!
We love you so much that we always try our very best to make sure that you get the best price available. If, in the unlikely event, you find the product cheaper, we'll refund double the difference.

How does it work?

If you place an order and find the item at a lower price that day, email sales@water2buy.com.

All we ask is that the item you bought from us is compared against the same item (same brand, size etc), sold as brand new and is in stock and available for delivery. We also need to verify the price either in writing, for example an advert or verbally, for example by phoning them or checking their website.

How to claim your Double the Difference

Email us on sales@water2buy.com with the details below:

This should include:

    Your Water2buy Order Number
    Details of the product purchased - item and price paid
    Where you saw the same product advertised or available so we can check your claim

Once we have validated the price, we will give you Double the Difference.

There are a couple of exceptions:

We do not match against mail order clubs or online auction sites, for instance eBay or marketplaces such as Amazon.

We do not match against products using vouchers or discount codes.

All delivery charges are excluded from the Water2buy Promise.

Our Price Promise is only valid on the day of purchase.

Any price difference is applied to full ticket price single items only (i.e. No multi-buy purchases)

Rest assured you can always rely on Water2buy to have the best prices all year round.

Never pay full price again.